Just a friendly reminder that Elsa had to suffer the feeling of Anna's death twice all within a few brief moments
And thought it was her fault each time
What If We Could? by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
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There’s a wonderful Rooney moment coming up where she tells him that she understands exactly what is asked of her and she’s already committed it all to memory. And I love the way she just points at her head for a second like, “I got that.” And then when he insists that she take these papers, instead of resisting him anymore, she just takes them and then drops them on the nearest chair. [laughs] She did that to me, like, once or twice a day. -David Fincher (TGWTDT audio commentary)

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Harley Quinn #1

The appropriate response to seeing an abused dog

She is the best.

This is perfect. She is perfect.

Harley quinn is my queen

Harley Quinn     
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The Connection My Stydia comic -finally finished - because well, stydiaweek!

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