Will you stand with me, one last time?

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YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

This belongs more on Facebook than it does on tumblr.

i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!

What I mean is that people on tumblr seem better at sympathy and know how to treat others but there’s a lot of homophobic people and swagfags who blame rape victims for what happened to them on Facebook.

Mana様 - Europe Tour 2007
Mana様 - Europe Tour 2007
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Deutsche Telekom 2014 Winners

Deutsche Telekom 2014 Winners

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Book Genre Challenge 2014 | July - Classic

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope…I have loved none but you.”

Persuasion by Jane Austen


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Evelyn: Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am.
Rick: And what is that? 
Evelyn: I… am a librarian.

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Ghost - Secular Haze
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I love playing Brienne of Tarth because, when I was growing up, I didn’t really see people on television that I felt that I could identify with. Women all looked kind of a particular way, women characters that were popular, anyway. And when I had the opportunity to play this part, it made me explore the parts of myself I had hidden from. I had very long hair. I wanted to look very feminine, really tall. (x)

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I’m crying my heart out of me. When your friends or someone that completely knows you suggests that you might not do something, then you should just listen to them. I decided to read a book just because it would fit with my personal life and it was too much. I’m drowned in my own feelings right now and I can’t decide if read this book in this particular moment was a good or a bad decision. I’m so happy ‘cause now I know that I’m not crazy and someone out there knows exactly what I’m feeling and how it hurts to being in love with someone with all of yourself… even if you can’t be with the person that you care the most. And at the same time I’m feeling just stupid as I always felt, ‘cause it didn’t change anything. Life sucks.

I’m so sorry for the rant and for the creepy english. I should just shoot myself… (ok now I’m dramatizing a little). Sorry.

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